In 1998, after 20 years in the business, I decided to open an optician's shop with my vision, where I could display my own curated selection, with a wide variety of different glasses and excellent quality, where visitors could find the perfect piece, a reflection of their personality and lifestyle, without forgetting their vision and comfort needs - perfect glasses!

And it was in this project that I put all my energy.

My range of glasses, however revolutionary and innovative, only make sense and are fulfilled with the help of the fabulous team that accompanies me, from the workshop technicians to the friendly sales team and the clinical optometry team, who work with dedication and rigour.


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We have various services to provide you with the best possible care. From specialised technical advice to a technical laboratory to carry out ophthalmological and optometric prescriptions with total rigour, as well as consultations in the various specialities.

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Myopia in children: treatments to control progression

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